5 Common sports injuries that can be treated through Yoga therapy

Yoga for Sports injuries

Engaging in sports is one of the most exciting ways of staying active, healthy and fit. Sports are great for improving agility, endurance, mental acuity, flexibility, speed, balance, overall strength. Unfortunately, vigorous sports activities such as football, handball, golf and athletics can trigger muscular imbalances and dynamic injuries. The good news is that frequent yoga sessions can be a game changer for injury-prone sportspersons.

Kyphosis and scoliosis

Both kyphosis and scoliosis are inevitable postural abnormalities in common sports activities such as athletics among others. These injuries occur as a result of excess stress on an athletes’ spine and weak muscle joints. If untreated, such injuries can lead to drastic adaptive changes in muscle and skeletal systems thus disrupting normal posturogenesis.Yoga for Kyphosis works effectively in reversing abnormal postural disorders provided you practice the right postures including; Mountain Pose, Cobra &Sphinx ,Shoulder Rolls and Scapular Retraction, Chest & Shoulder Stretch with Chin Tucks, Doorway, and Hands Knees Flow.

Hamstring Pulls

Most football, rugby, and athletics have experienced hamstring injuries at some point their careers. Such career-threatening injuries are every sportsman’s nightmare. It takes time, diligence, patience and profound devotion to overcome such devastating injuries. The best yoga postures for tight hamstrings are; Uttanasana/ Intense Forward Bending Pose, Extended Triangle Pose/Utthita Trikonasana, Wide-Legged Forward Fold /Prasarita Padottanasana A, Staff Pose into Seated Forward Bend/Dandasana into Paschimottanasana and Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose /Supta Padangusthasana among others.


Have you ever considered using yoga for knee injury? Well, yoga is widely recommended for athletes who sustain complex knee injuries. Common knee injuries such as tears, dislocations, sprains fractures are triggered by wrong footwear, over-indulgence in vigorous sports activities. The recommended yoga for knees injuries postures are Chair Pose, Peaceful Warrior, Bridge Pose, High Lunge, and Eagle Pose. Generally, hatha yoga therapy is highly effective in correcting any kind of knee misalignment in sports. For effective Yoga for knee pain, consider consulting a professional yoga practitioner so as to recommend the best yoga for knee injury you can practice and get the desired results

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common injury in the world of sports activities such as tennis, soccer and athletics due to increased movements. Those jarring moves and ground pounding runs footballers make during games can be exciting to the fans but have detrimental effects on sportspeople. Luckily, practicing certain yoga postures such as Pigeon pose, Frog pose, Hero’s pose, and Standing forward bend can help to treat or alleviate risks of hip pain.

Shoulder pain

Playing vigorous sports such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, tennis and weight lifting can make you prone to shoulder pain. Active participants are more likely to experience mild or acute shoulder pain due to impingement, dislocations and misalignment. Try the following yoga postures for shoulder pain and see the magic; Standing Forward Bend, Extended Triangle Pose,/variation, Thunderbolt Pose, Easy Seated Twist, Seated Forward Bend, Two-footed Pose, Knees-to-Chest Pose and Corpse Pose.


Using yoga as a supplementary exercise routinely can profoundly improve flexibility, core strength; mental focus, balance, energy, and mobility thus make you a better injury-free sports player.

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