Four Interesting Yoga Poses for Two

Yoga has been around for decades. However, it has evolved tremendously over time to be what it is today. Today, there are numerous techniques and poses that people can employ while practicing yoga. When it comes to yoga poses, 2 person yoga poses or 3 people yoga poses are much fun and have far reaching benefits. If you are Yoga enthusiasts who love partner yoga poses, here are four interesting yoga poses you should try with your partner.

1. ArdhaMatsyendrasana (seated twist)

This is one of the versatile 2 people yoga poses. You and your partner seats in a cross-legged posture while your back rests on your partner’s back. As you breathe in, stretch your arms above your head and breathe out so as to twist to your right. As you twist to the right, move your right handto the inside of your yoga mate’s left knee and your left hand on the outside of your right knee. Your yoga mate should do exactly the same in the opposite direction. You and your partner should stay in this twist for at least 5 min before twisting to the other sides.

2. Hollow back

Actually, this is one of the 2 person yoga poses that seem harder than it feels while performing it. Here, one partner faces away while the other make a handstand pose gently. Then, you and your partner make simultaneous hollow back shape using your backs and the one standing should grab the feet of the one in handstand posture. This yoga pose require effective and clear communication between the two partners so as to maintain the balance.

3. Paripurna Navasana or the Boat pose

This 2 person yoga pose is quite challenging. It requires great flexibility in the hamstrings and hip flexors. You and your yoga partner should face each other while seated. Both of your knees should be in a bent position and your toes should touch each other’s. Hold each other waists and move the soles of your feet simultaneously. While doing this, your knees should move towards your chests. Each of you should then start to straighten up the legs and ensure the chest is open and the spine straight. With your legs in a straightened position, count to at most 7 breaths, then disengage in the same way you went into the pose.

4. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)

In this pose, you and your yoga mate should begin in a mountain posture with you backs facing each other and a slight distance away from one another. Then, breathe in simultaneously stretching your arms upward. As you release your breathe, fold forward bending at the hips. Your chest should touch the thighs after you’ve lifted your sitting bones. Disengage in a reverse manner after a few exhales.

Make your 2person yoga poses easy and fun by practicing any of the fore-mentioned yoga poses.


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