Important Facts on Yoga

Many people seem to have an opinion on yoga, but the reality is that very few know what it is all about. When you ask the average passer-by on the street what they know yoga to be, some will even demonstrate the poses and body positions they have seen done by those who practice yoga. Interestingly, this is just a tip of the iceberg as yoga entails the systematic combination of healthy food choices, positive frame of mind, relaxation techniques, conscious breathing, and body workout. Did you know that there are yoga exercises for constipation? Well, yoga is in itself a healing routine both for the human body and everything that relates to it.

Facts on the role of yoga

Those who practice yoga regularly benefit from the harmony gained when the human mind is in tune to the environment and physical body. It is this balance that has been harnessed for generations to cure the body of ailments without the use of medication. Speaking to a yoga enthusiast, one gets the impression that performance, inner peace, self-awareness, stress management, and body fitness are all attainable with a meditation routine. In the treatment of chronic diseases and addiction, yoga has been used successfully as a complementary therapy.

Facts on the practice of yoga

Yoga is popular in most urban settlements especially in the west and depending on the benefits that the participants wish to achieve; a few or all of the eight limbs of Asthangayoga as defined by Patanjali are employed. So the next time you find yourself in need of yoga exercises for high blood pressure, expect to practice one of these;

  • Yama: rules that define success when living in the society

  • Niyama: techniques that enhance self-management and purity

  • Asaana: techniques that promote good posture to achieve physical and mental balance

  • Pranayama: techniques that define effective breathing for balancing the body and mind

  • Pratihara: techniques that detach the mind from the physical surrounding to promote calm

  • Dharana: techniques that promote concentration

  • Dhyana: meditation techniques that promote mental health and focus

  • Samadhi: a combination of psychic meditation techniques that is achieved through practice and is aimed at greater universal consciousness.

Facts on learning yoga

It is a fact that the internet is rich with information on practically all aspects of life, including yoga, but it is also true that yoga is guided by the unique needs of an individual. It might take a while before you get a structured yoga exercise to reduce breast size, but a teacher probably knows the philosophy of yoga is most effective when the teacher and student have a physical interaction. Yoga teachers have been known to modify traditional techniques if only to achieve certain paths.

Proper instruction must be sort by those who wish to incorporate yoga into their life routine. When done correctly, this low-cost approach to self-help can keep people free from common ailments.

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